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UNCG vs Kennesaw St, Win 72-54

FOULS. If there is one word to sum up this game, it's Fouls. The refs controlled this game worse than a corporate twitter account. There was no rhythm to the game, and refs spent half their time raising their shoulders and saying to coaches, "I had to call it." Those...

UNCG vs Georgetown, Win 65-61

I'll be honest. I wasn't sober enough last night to write a post. No matter where we went, everyone around me knew UNCG had beaten Georgetown. I was loud, I was proud, and yes, I was probably obnoxious ... in a nice way. Defense won this game hands down. Defense...

UNCG vs App State, Win 55-41

Once again, defense won this game. Because it sure wasn't offense. We shot 32.8% for the game, 31% from three-point-land, and 33.3% in freethrows. And in that mix, we had FIVE Spartans commit OH-fers with an amazing 0-15 shooting. Our games are getting uglier and...